Why you should avoid the DIY route for Probate

You probably think that the main reason to ask solicitors to deal with your probate application is to relieve you of the time and responsibility as well as to ensure that the work is done correctly in accordance with legal requirements.  But there are other practical reasons why you should avoid the DIY route. 

In practice you have to choose your local Probate Registry.  There are 11 of these in England and Wales, in addition to the principal office in London.  Your local office may be struggling with staff shortages and other operational problems.  We monitor the operations of all of the offices and can select a registry which is not experiencing lengthy delays.  Also, although the requirement always to attend a personal interview has been dropped, if there are any problems with your paperwork it may still be necessary to attend the local registry in person, and there can be difficulty in getting a quick appointment.  If you are looking for speed as well as efficiency call us at Probaters.

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