Trust Practitioner’s Handbook by Gill Steel 4th Edition

This is an excellent practical guide to the administration and taxation of trusts.  It will no doubt find a welcoming home in both private client departments of law firms and the offices of trust administration companies.  The 4th edition has been updated to take account of the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009 and changes to the Finance Act 2006.  It also deals with recent changes to inheritance tax compliance and the penalty regime.

There is a useful introductory overview which includes looking at alternatives to trusts such as a family investment company.  The author is clearly aware of the continuing attacks by government on the use of trusts and the increasing burden of regulation.

There is a clear explanation of the taxation of trusts.  The examples are particularly useful.  In my view this is a sound excellent starting guide to the subject.  The experienced practitioner looking for more detailed discussion on some of the less familiar paths in the jungle that is the law of trusts will need to carry out research in areas not covered by this book.  For example, there is no discussion of employee benefit trusts and the relevant sections of the Inheritance Tax Act.

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