The phrase ticking boxes brings to mind forms, form filling and various regulations. The current IHT400 form, which many estates require before probate can be obtained, is at least 20 times as long as its predecessor form used in pre-Common Market days.

Unfortunately we cannot blame the EU for the paper growth. We seem to be quite adept at producing home grown paperwork monstrosity! Although box ticking generally has a negative connotation – the fact of doing something just because there is a rule that says you must do it – there can be a more positive side. Ticking all the boxes suggests that something is successful in a positive all-round way.

At Probaters we decided to produce our own boxes to tick and here it is!

The team includes solicitors, accountants, and probate administrators.
Fully comprehensive service, including income tax returns.
Conveyancing and property law.
Expert advice on IHT, and deeds of variation.
Transparency on charging, including fixed fees.
Executor Access online to monitor current estate account.
Can deal with foreign assets, including obtaining foreign grant if necessary.
Always aiming to improve client service.
Professional regulation by Solicitors Regulation Authority.
Fully insured.
Flexible range of services: from just obtaining the grant to complete administration of the estate.

Whatever your circumstances, our lawyers will be happy to discuss your case. Call us on 01273 789510 or contact us online.

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