Share Registrars

Share Registrars are the companies that maintain company share registers. There are only three which count and in order of helpfulness and efficiency they are Equiniti, Capita and very much in last place Computershare.

They must love probate and estate administration because they are able to charge in numerous situations. The executor wants to sell the shares – there is a charge. He wants to transfer the shares to a beneficiary – there is a charge. A share certificate has gone missing – there is a charge.

One particular irritation in the Computershare service is that they will not allow shares to be sold without the shares being first transferred into the names of the executors. Equiniti’s approach avoids that extra step and generally they are far more efficient and user friendly.

There is unlikely to be any change because the market is cosy for the three participants. You must remember that their client is not the shareholder or the executor or administrator trying to sort out problems. Their customer is the public company for whom they act as registrars.

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