Probate is a court based process

Viewers of the recent Netflix hit, Making a Murderer, may have been stunned by the apparent incompetence of an American State Court system.  In the United States, probates are dealt with at State level and below.  This might explain why most Americans try to avoid probate if at all possible.  They use trusts and other devices so as not to become enmeshed in local probate courts.  In England too, probate is subject to Court direction and the first words you will notice on an English grant of probate are “In the High Court of Justice”.  Fortunately, for English executors the law has developed sensibly under a centralized system so there is no chance of an incompetent Court official making a disastrous intervention in their estate.  On the whole, the District Probate Registries of the High Court, are staffed by competent and helpful people.  But if you do run into any problems you can always find help and guidance at www.probaters.com.

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