Probate – Exciting Times

Probate Registry fee increases have been the most exciting thing to happen in our probate world for months, if not years. It is far more fun in Donald Trump’s America. A probate registrar in Boston has been suspended by the court. He was elected to the post a couple of years ago and is bringing in a Democratic strategist to defend him from the, as yet, undisclosed accusations.

Our own Probate Registries are still part of our court system but they concentrate on sound administration and avoid creating headlines. American lawyers do the best they can to save their clients from going through the probate process – it can be costly and subject to serious delays, as well as the hazards of litigation.

English lawyers have a quieter life but they too might start to develop alternatives to probate. The turning point will not be the conduct of the probate staff, but rather their expense in the form of the new fee structure. Many people will want to hold their assets in such a way that probate can be avoided altogether, thus saving their families up to £20,000.

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