Probate – dealing with the estate of an adult child

This kind of case is one of the most distressing a probate lawyer can get involved with. It is of course much more distressing and tragic for the parent and in many cases the death will be sudden, unexpected and sometimes the result of suicide, accident or an awful illness. We recently took on a case for Bob and his situation ticked most of these boxes. Bob is very elderly and the last thing he expected was to have to deal with his son’s estate.

I said to Bob “You have enough on your plate with Ian’s death and all the fallout from it. We understand what you are going through and we shall try to take off your hands all the worries concerning the administration of Ian’s quite substantial but disorganised estate”.

In this kind of case the client nearly always chooses our full administration service knowing that we will be sympathetic, very thorough in our approach, and aiming at all times to minimize the burden that has fallen unhappily on the parents.

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