Probate – Big Changes Ahead

The Government plans to move probate online.  It seems that the project is gathering pace.  There is evidence that the hours of access to Probate Registry offices are being reduced and that some offices may face closure.  The record of various governments in relation to ambitious IT driven projects is not good.  Let us hope that there is an amazing exception when it comes to the probate reforms.

Many executors and administrators are elderly and they are often not comfortable with an online process.  Although the Government seems to want executors and administrators to do more work themselves, it is unlikely there will be any less demand for our services. At Probaters.com we pride ourselves being up to date with all the latest technological developments.

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Our team of expert, friendly lawyers have many years’ experience in administering estates of all sizes, from small, simple estates to larger, more complex estates of high profile individuals. We aim to provide the highest level of service to all our clients.

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