We offer a fixed fee service which starts at just £780. This price includes VAT but not the Probate Registry’s fee.

Many probate lawyers charge an hourly rate and many also charge a further percentage based on the value of the estate. Hourly rates leave executors unsure how much they will be paying at the end of the process. Percentage charges can mean estates with only one valuable asset – such as a family house – can pay more than estates with fifteen assets which total less in value.

Estates can vary in size considerably and whilst some executors are familiar with the process, many are carrying it out for the first time. Call us on 01273 789510 to discuss your circumstances and we can agree a fee for the level of service you need. Our fixed fee probate service means that you know from the start how much you will pay and you can always talk to us freely without worrying that the clock is ticking.

There are some costs which you may have to meet that are outside of our services and charged by third parties. Those may include valuation fees when assets such as houses are valued, or the fees for advertising for unknown creditors. In addition, we will charge conveyancing costs for the sale or transfer of properties. Call us to discuss your circumstances and we can agree a fee for the level of service you need – alternatively, visit our services page to find out about our most popular price options.

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Our team of probate lawyers and accountants offer a friendly, efficient and comprehensive service. We take care of every detail, saving you stress and giving you time when you need it most. Call us to speak to a lawyer today on 01273 789510 or contact us via our online contact form.

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