Our Grant Only Service is designed for executors and administrators who have the time to deal with administering the assets themselves.

It is especially appropriate where:

  • an executor or administrator is familiar with the probate process
  • the estate has a limited number of assets
  • or the estate is low in value

With this service we will:

  • Advise you on the notices which may be given to reduce your liabilities as executor
  • Help you ascertain the correct figures for the deceased’s accounts and savings for probate purposes
  • Complete the relevant HMRC inheritance tax return
  • Draft an oath for the executors/administrators to swear
  • Apply to the court for a grant of probate/letters of administration
  • Deal with any queries the Probate Registry has
  • Provide official copies of the grant to you

Using this service will make the process of obtaining probate quicker and more simple for the executors.

Where executors choose to use our Grant Only service they can upgrade to the Full Administration package at any time after we have been instructed. From that point we can take over the administration and you will only pay the fixed fee for that service.

Find out more about our Executors Grant Only Service

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