On the Tube – Life After Death

It is amazing what adverts you can see on trains.  The other day I was surprised to see an advertisement dealing with all sorts of issues associated with death so we had references to funeral plans, getting the right undertaker, making wills and last but not least dealing with probate.  I suppose because the opportunities now offered by IT platforms are so great, that there must be a temptation to come on to these all singing all dancing services.  It may be that everything which is being offered is absolutely marvellous but my reservation is that the spread is too thin and the right answer for the discriminating consumer must be to head for a specialist.

If you are investigating any service then a little bit of interrogation is probably a good thing.  What is their experience and are they regulated?  Does their team have the right qualifications, are they doing work themselves or are they simply out-sourcers?

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