Office Moves!

I think they are almost as bad as home moves. After 20 years in the old building, we have moved up the road. The bad things involve the disruption and discovering an amazing amount of accumulated defunct items accumulated over that long period. On the plus side, we are now integrated with our accountancy colleagues at Stanford Gate so our clients benefit from more depth in our tax and financial advice – particularly where income tax returns are required. And we are getting used to open plan and, I have to admit, it is a much more pleasant working environment. We are still close to Brighton Probate Registry and that means any communication with their office will be more or less instant. We find that at the moment Brighton are turning cases around quickly and it is probably a better choice than the London alternative.

The move has caused major disruption and I am beginning to understand the Brexit difficulties. After all, that move is coming more than 40 years spent in complicated legal structures; it is difficult to get out of them. During this period of disruption, much has been happening also in the usually quiet world of the probate industry: the Government reviving the massive increases in probate fees; a Government paper on simplifying inheritance tax; and the launch of probate applications online. Each of these deserves a separate blog and they will be with you soon!

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