Horses are very popular with the English. Most responsible horse owners are careful to make specific provision in their wills for what should happen. But there are occasions when no planning has been made and the executors are left with the problem of what to do with the horse.

Legally a horse is treated as any other chattel or item of personal property, so unless the will specifically deals with the horse it will form part of the main estate and be inherited accordingly. If none of the beneficiaries wants the horse the executors have to make some tricky decisions. The horse might be valuable, in which case obviously it can be sold and the proceeds divided among the proceeds. But horses tend to lose their value after they get to 15 and can become a liability.

Fortunately there are horse charities or rescue centres who, in these circumstances, are likely to be able to take the horse and relieve the executors of their equine anxiety. At Probaters we have horse lovers here so we always especially welcome sorting out estates with a horse or horses!

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