Digital Wills Again

I mentioned a blog last year that the Law Commission were looking into this subject but owing to the current paralysis in the governance of Britain I am not expecting to see any result soon. Meanwhile, other foreign jurisdictions are way ahead in trying to deal with the inevitable arrival in the not too distant future of the digital will.

For example, Canada has come up with some good definitions of digital accounts and digital assets to aid lawyers in the preparation of wills. A “digital account” is the “mechanism used to control and access certain assets” – for example a Facebook account, an email account or an online banking account.

The list of “digital assets” is much longer and I will deal with that in a few days in a separate blog.

Meanwhile, please bear in mind that making a will is becoming increasingly complex at a time when online businesses and others are offering to make wills for nothing or pennies. It is a dangerous trend. If you would like to take up our offer of a review of your current will, free of charge, please complete our contact form with this message:- “please contact me about a free will review”.

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