What does Tesco law mean for probate solicitors?

Have you heard of Tesco law? This is the idea that legal services can be packaged in such a way that they can be effectively sold by supermarkets and other large business organisations. In the jargon it is the result of commoditization of professional services. Many pundits expect this trend to spell the end for traditional solicitors practices.

A number of English solicitors’ firms have formed themselves into a franchise called Quality Solicitors, so you may have seen your local Smith and Jones rebranding itself as Quality Solicitors Smith and Jones. And if you have been into your local W H Smith you might have seen a kind of display booth bedecked with the Quality Solicitors logo and a phone for you to call free the local franchised firm so they can do a quick will for you or take up a personal injury case.

Are Tesco quaking in their billion pound boots? Doubtful. If you wanted help as an executor in winding up your mother’s estate, would you use the W H Smith phone? Or would you employ a solicitor who has given good service in the past, or perhaps do some Google research to locate a practice which will deliver the service you want, and demonstrate its competence in a meaningful way.

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