Video of Wishes

We live in litigious times. Superinjunctions, ambulance chasing lawyers, lack of trust, an emphasis on rights and entitlements – some of the contributing factors to the “make a claim” culture.  Undoubtedly there have been influences from the United States, and I wondered whether there might be an impact on the probate field.

The following is from an American website:

“You might also consider making a videotape spelling out your wishes. Most digital cameras today offer the ability to make short movies with sound. This gives you the opportunity to tell people you love them and say goodbye. It also allows you to solidify your will making it harder to overturn in court.

Give a copy of this video clip to your attorney, attach the video to every copy of the will and make sure that at least one unbiased person has a copy of both. Make sure to announce the date, especially if you’ve changed your will and there are multiple versions floating around.”

Food for thought!  The claim envisaged here would be against the estate of someone who has been married more than once, and where there will be disagreement between the deceased’s children by his first wife and the widow and possibly her children.

At the Probaters probate service we have yet to deal with a will solidified by video, but surely the time will come!

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