The choices when someone dies

There are many things that have to be dealt with when someone dies.

This press release from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics about encouraging organ donation by paying for the deceased’s funeral costs highlights the sensitive decisions which have to be made when someone dies. I have my doubts as to whether such a scheme would do much to increase the amount of registered donors. The enforced choice when applying to the DVLA makes more sense to me.

Sometimes the spouses or relatives disagree about the form of the deceased’s funeral for personal, religious or cultural reasons; sometimes the division of the small things – the deceased’s personal effects – causes friction.

Of course, in the majority of cases these issues don’t arise, primarily because people tend to be reasonable even when they don’t agree. Some take the time to arrange all of these things themselves before they die.

Aside from planning everything before you die – making sure you’re on the donor register, arranging your funeral etc – it’s difficult to see how to guarantee no disputes arise, though your own choices could still put noses out of joint.

We’ve got a brief list about what to do when someone dies on our main pages.

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