Is probate stressful?

The Yorkshire Post recently ran an article about the ‘stress’ of administering someone’s estate. The article was based on research by The Living Probate Company.

It’s not a shock to find a company which organises your financial affairs so that it’s easier to administer your estate has commissioned this research. The company seem to do a similar thing to those online ones I discovered who deal with your digital assets and passwords.

I would have to say that for most people, probate is probably not a stressful process simply because of the timescales involved. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you’re unlikely to know of the pitfalls and so carry on at your own pace, blissfully unaware of the things that might go wrong.

Of course, if you have suffered a recent bereavement then dealing with anything unfamiliar or complicated could become stressful, and unsympathetic relatives/beneficiaries can increase the pressure to get things done quickly. However in general probate is a painfully boring process, full of complications which you are unlikely to need to know more than once or twice in your lifetime.

I agree that it is a good idea to get a solicitor involved. I think the personal liability of the executors, the large sums involved and the hassle of dealing with the institutions involved means that, provided you get a good value service, a solicitor is worth the cost. But I’m not sure most people find it stressful.

Of course, I think our fixed price probate service is just the sort of good value I’m talking about.

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