Family Conflict After a Death

Avoid the worst by appointing a professional solicitor:

When someone dies, family differences can often arise or be reignited. This might be because of expectations as to the terms of the will, because family members, who do not usually see each other, are reunited at the funeral, or simply the discussion as to how the estate is to be dealt with.

Whilst those who have been appointed executors in a will are clearly those who the deceased wished to have that responsibility, this can cause rifts and leave those executors open to attack by other family members for not having done the job quickly or properly.

Not surprisingly, sometimes this is the overriding reason why an executor will appoint a professional solicitor. A professional solicitor is dedicated to administering the estate and carrying out the instructions contained in the will. Usually the job can be done much in a shorter timescale because an experienced solicitor can work more efficiently than a layman, even if they are professional themselves. A solicitor does not have to attend an interview at a probate court, but merely files the papers. Furthermore, the professional solicitor knows which probate courts have a shorter turnaround time and can choose their court accordingly.

The concern here is always one of cost. This can be addressed by choosing a professional firm that offers a simple fixed fee service that is makes it clear upfront how much it will cost. A good value firm such a probaters.com is ideal. There are no hidden extras and the cost is extremely competitive.

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