Eco-friendly funerals

Burials and cremations are so twentieth century – according to a recent New Scientist (13 August 2011). With one half of the worlds’ population living in cities, lack of space is a growing problem in urban cemeteries.

J K Rowling was upset on a recent TV programme when she found that one of her ancestors had been removed from his personal grave and his remains reinterred in a communal arrangement. This is common practice in many countries but has been legal in this country only for a few years. Even now it is an unpopular practice and is foreign to our culture. Cremation is under increasing criticism because of its energy consumption and release of greenhouse gases and toxic emissions. Natural burial is becoming more common according to funeral directors such as Arka.

A simple willow or cardboard coffin is used to bury an unembalmed corpse in a shallow grave to ensure a swift and natural decomposition. Once a natural burial site is full the land can revert to woodland or grazing. There are now over 200 natural burial sites in the UK.

As mentioned in my recent blog I suggest funeral wishes are notified to your family, friends and executors in a separate letter rather than included in your will.

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