Can I see a copy of a will?

Some people are curious to know what will may have been made by a recently deceased person. Sometimes this curiosity is perfectly justified. Perhaps you thought that a great aunt may have left one of your children something in her will but you are not in touch with the executors. By means of a procedure known as a “standing search” you can obtain a copy of the probate and the will from the Probate Registry once the grant of probate has been issued.

There is a useful government link at:


This procedure is also used by persons who consider they may have a claim against an estate. It’s not unusual to be asked whether someone can force executors to let them see the will. It may be that an unmarried partner has been left without any adequate provision. In that situation the potential claimant or her solicitors may put in hand a standing search so that the provisions of any will can be examined and appropriate action taken.

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