Annoying Probate Adverts

Adverts can be annoying for all sorts of reasons. We don’t like that advert with the man strutting down the road in a most peculiar fashion wobbling his backside.  Nor do we like misleading adverts in the probate field.  There is one which suggests the provider can speed up the process to 14-21 days.  You have to struggle to find the small print which says that that time only starts when the executor has provided all the required information and documentation and also only applies if the estate is under £250,000!  So in reality the chances of getting probate in that timeframe are precisely nil.  Do you remember the old advertising authority commandment:-  LEGAL DECENT HONEST TRUTHFUL.  It is rare to find that such is the case in the world of print advertising let alone the jungle that is the internet.  It is so important therefore to be careful when you respond to adverts.  Do not make a decision straightaway.  Find someone who has experience of the service you are looking for and try to get a recommendation.  Interrogate the organisation that you are thinking of using and make a decision which is INFORMED AND SENSIBLE.

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